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Roof Vent Installation

Roof vents are one of the most important parts of your attic ventilation. More important than soffit vents and more important than fascia vents. They take in more air than any other vent and circulate it inside the attic. Without functional roof vents, your attic is in danger. Rain can pour through into your attic and ruin your insulation and your house. Roof vents are also often made of plastic meaning that wild animals can chew through them and even rip them clean off your roof. If you need to replace a roof vent and your house is higher than two stories you may want to get a professional to install it. Either way, replacing your roof vents is a process and takes technical skill. Not anyone can get up there and not everyone can manage a roof vent and a drill while balancing on a roof.

Installing a roof vent is both a simple and complex process. The fact that you have to climb a ladder with a roof vent and a drill, possibly other tools as well if the roof was damaged in the process. You may need to bring up some shingles and plywood. The process may be complicated but if you can get it done then you will have saved a lot of money. Any general labourer can also do this job. For them, it would just be another day at work so think about whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone with the necessary skills and experience. You will want to first fix any damage to the play wood and shingles. Once they are repaired you need to remove whatever is left of the old roof vents and then attach the new roof vent using bolts. Pre-drill the holes and make sure the bolts are in there tight.

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Solar Roof Vents

There is a great option for replacing all of your roof vents. They are called solar roof vents and they can cut your energy costs by a lot while cooling your attic like a normal roof vent. They will also help you keep the energy bill down with less need for air conditioning and heating in the summer. Airflow in the attic is very important. Without it, the insulation will get overly dry or overly damp. Mould can form and other issues like leakage and even roof slanting can occur without proper ventilation. If you want to avoid heat buildup then get high-quality roof vents. The benefits are clear. The vents will be higher quality, harder for an animal to invade and will provide you with free energy to offset your normal expenditures. The greatest part of the solar-powered roof vent is that it has a physical fan inside that forces air out of your attic instead of just sitting there waiting for a breeze. The financial savings will be incredible and the collected energy will be passed on to your home. There is nothing that could be better for your attic and your home. Solar-powered active fan roof vents are certainly the roof vent of the future. And the future is now. Call for a free quote!

Roof Vent Covers

Roof vents, even active forced-air roof vents are still delicate. They are not built to fend off a wild animal attempt to invade it. Raccoons are the most common wildlife to attempt to get into your attic due to their baby season lasting from February to June, or even later. The females are the ones who are most likely to invade your attic as they must hide from other males who want to kill their babies. This improves their own children’s survivability and is a common process in the animal kingdom. The female will enter your attic. They will give birth in the attic and bring food in for her children this food will be garbage and dead animals that will further harm your attic. She and her babies will defecate and urinate in the insulation of the attic. The general entranceway they use is roof vents, soffit/roof intersections and even drip edges that are open enough.

Protecting your roof vents from this kind of damage is a simple enough process. Like installing a roof vent you will have to go up onto your roof and install a cover. This cover needs to be very strong. It should be made from galvanized waterproof steel, not mesh but actual steel gauged cords. This type of cover can be purchased from certain hardware stores but many professional companies will make their own to ensure a stronger level of protection. Hiring a professional to seal off your roof vents is a very smart idea.

Many other animals can get into your roof, as well as insects, and many entrance ways they can use to get inside. Sealing them all off is possible, and if you want to you can get every inch of your roof sealed from entry by everything from a raccoon to a carpenter bee. Just call roof vent installation at (647) 496-2211 or go to our website at and send us an email.

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